Our Psychicpower.com review studied their official website and searched ripoff and complaints reports to find some real comments behind. We also checked their BBB rating. Of course they are not a BBB accredited member and no rating yet, as shown below:

psychicpower.com BBB ratingIn general, their website is beautiful, easy to use. They also have a forum. Their introductory offer is quite competitive: 10 minute reading for $4.99 or 25 minute reading for $9.99. However, they can’t beat PsychicCenter.com $1.00 for 10 minutes offer, see details at our psychiccenter.com review.

They have around 60 psychics in their list, it’s safe to say that they are not as popular as many other psychic networks , like CaliforniaPsychics.com or LivePerson.com. The strange thing is that they don’t have their “about us” page on their homepage, it’s hidden inside somewhere else without specific information that we want to know.

Regarding if they are a scam or fraud, and complaints report, we found there is a ripoff report posted on October 23, 2010:

“I have been part of the network for few years and have noticed about their inappropriate misleading practices.

They delete negative comments lefts by the callers. If you ever have a bad experience with the readers on their network and decide to leave a negative comment, it will be deleted within days after leaving the comment.”

We are not sure it’s true or not, but they haven’t officially replied to this report so far. We found that a business will reply to a ripoff report in which they are complained if they really care about their business and customers.

We also didn’t find any satisfaction guarantee on their homepage. Their final rating based on the above PsychicPower.com review is 3 out of 5 stars: