Psychic Abrielle at California Psychics
Psychic Abrielle joined in 2008, she doesn’t use any tools, but receives messages from the caller’s voice instead. As a natural psychic, she delivers information quickly.

So far Abrielle has more than 300 customer testimonials already. She got her first customer testimonial on September 17, 2008 from K., New York.

I was simply stunned with Abrielle’s accuracy and the specifics she provided about past times and dates that I had not mentioned. She was absolutely correct with regards to my line of work and about my relationships. I hope that her forthcoming predictions are as accurate. She is clear, connects quickly and will soon become a leading reader on this site and I recommend her strongly.

The featured testimonial for Psychic Abrielle is as below:

Abrielle has been so accurate for me, it’s ridiculous. Still, many phone calls to her later, I still roll my eyes a little, scratch my head, ask myself “Huh?” and/or shrug when she tells me something she gets for me or when she gives me a timeline only to have it happen just like she said. So, of course, the week of the 10th turned out to be, well, the week of the 10th. Go figure! Abrielle is humble, kind, patient, and definitely gifted.

Anonymous, February 24, 2011

Psychic Abrielle is one of both “staff pick” and “customer favorite” psychics at California Psychics. We believe that her gift and experience will definitely help people solve their problem on love, relationship, career or finance. If you want to have a reading with Psychic Abrielle, please visit