Where to get genuine free psychic reading? If you’ve ever asked such questions and still are searching for answers, this post is for you. Based on our comprehensive online psychic reviews, we compiled the following free psychic readings from popular psychic networks around the country. In general, you can have a free psychic reading either by email or phone for a few minutes.

First, we recommend free email reading from PsychicSource.com. Their most popular offer is $1 a minute promotion, but you can start with their email reading first. It’s simple as below, click the “sign up” button to get started.

free email reading psychic source

If you want to know more or why we recommend them, please read psychic source review. Of course, you can call them directly for help on phone at 1-866-953-7817.

The 2nd choice is AskNow.com. You can ask them a free psychic question by email or get 5 minutes on phone for free: 1-888-905-1267. For details, please read asknow psychic network review, or you can click the form below to ask your free psychic question now.

free psychic question by asknow

The 3rd recommendation is PsychicAccess.com. Psychic Access is a small psychic network, but they do provide quality psychic readings by phone or private chat. Their chatting room is public to registered users, you can listen or ask questions first for free, only you feel comfortable, you can decide to have a private reading. Their psychics have video profiles and their readings can be done by one-way video that means you can see them but they can’t see you for your privacy. They offer 6 minutes free reading, and the only thing you need to do is sign up with them for free. Sign up at PsychicAccess.com.

psychic access free reading

The 4th option is Keen.com. Keen is an AT&T intellectual property and was founded in 1999 with a lot of gifted psychics. Read our Keen.com psychic review for more information or grasp their free reading by clicking on the picture below to start now.

keen psychics free reading

In addition to the 3 minute free reading, their $1.99 for 10 minutes offer is highly recommended, because it’s almost the lowest price from all popular psychic networks. Visit their official website for more at Keen.com.

The 5th we recommend is LivePerson.com. LivePerson was founded in 1995 with more than 3000 experts you can choose from. Read LivePerson psychic review for further information. LivePerson is an online chat based platform, they offer 3 minute free psychic reading. In another word, you can chat with unlimited experts 3 minutes for free, only when you are ready, you click the “hire” button to buy more minutes. That’s a great feature. Start here: LivePerson.com.

free psychic chat at liveperson

The above is our recommendations for free psychic reading. You can try one or two or all of them if you like. There are so many scams in this field, so we studied quite a few psychic networks and then made the recommendations for you based on our research. Even though, it’s still better to start for free for your love, relationship, money or career problems. It will blow your mind if you can find an authentic psychic. Wish you have an amazing one!

psychic rosie asknow

Psychic Rosie is a 5 star Psychic at Asknow.com. She stated that she started counseling spiritually at the age of twelve, and is a third generation Psychic in her family unit and since that age she has been counseling professionally. With more than 15 years of experience, we found she’s definitely a professional psychic advisor.

From real customers’ rating and feedback, she’s a gifted psychic too. Please read the following reviews:

5 Star Rating

Rosie you truley are wonderful and a miracle. Although I am still at a great loss and have more to ask can only say that your like the mother figure I never had, the sister everybody would want, the friend everybody deserves. My dearest friend talking to you is like the therapy I didn’t have and I don’t need because talking to you makes up for it. I hope you keep JA in your medations and prayers and let him know that he had me at Hello, and I do have an enoroumous love for him as a friend, my heart aches for what he is going through, I don’t know if he has ever been told that he is somone special, and if not then he is special to me. I will touch base with you come the new year, and hope fully it will be a better one, for now please keep us in mind,and much happiness and Seasons Greetings to you and your loved ones. Enjoy the holidays. The only gift I want is for him to keep thinking of me. ********************************************* I hope you can help me snap out of this depression. Take care.


5 Star Rating

Rosie, As always, you were right on. You truly have the gift of contacting those in spirit and this is of great comfort to me when I do a reading with you. Thanks.


5 Star Rating

From the moment you got on the phone, you were 100% intuitive and in touch with my love life situation and challenges.Thank you so much for being so confident and positive that my soul mate relationship will work out 100% even though I’ve felt very insecure and nervous around the situation. It is not where I want it to be to unfold yet…there are still interferences whether other people popping in town or work, etc so please keep me in your strong prayers so I may reap and sow the beautiful love story to unfold! I love you!FREIDA


Rosie earned her first customer rating on Oct. 25, 2009 at Ask Now, with 5 star,  and has never disappointed her customers. If you have a question to ask her, you can call 1-888-905-1267 to talk with her, or sign up at their official website: Asknow.com at the promotional price: 15 minutes for $10 or $1 a minute only.


For more information, please read AskNow Psychic Network Reviews.

Psychic Agnes at california psychicsPsychic Agnes joined CaliforniaPsychics.com in late 2010, but has been “staff pick” psychic since 2011. Her subject focuses on career/work and love/relationships. She doesn’t use any tools for her reading. Of course this Agnes is not Psychic Agnes Davies in UK.

Psychic Agnes got her first customer testimonial on September 29, 2010:

Agnes immediately started connecting with me and I didn’t have to provide her with any questions up front. She described how I would meet my future husband and provided me with an abundance of details about him so that I would easily be able to identify him when he crosses my path. I left the reading feeling good about myself and with the confirmation that I am on the right path!

Her featured testimonial was chosen below:

Agnes blew me away with my reading! Not only was she able to pinpoint such details about my man, but gave me great insight into his current situation to help me figure out next steps to take. She was so intense with her details!! Definitely on my favorite list now!

As introduced in our California Psychics Reviews, California Psychics was established in 1995 and only 2 out of every 100 psychics applied to their psychic network meet their standards. With no doubt, psychics like Agnes can give you insights that blow your mind, especially on career or jobs, relationship or love issues.

To have a reading with Psychic Agnes, please visit CaliforniaPsychics.com. For more reviews, please read online psychic reviews.

Psychic Abrielle at California Psychics
Psychic Abrielle joined CaliforniaPsychics.com in 2008, she doesn’t use any tools, but receives messages from the caller’s voice instead. As a natural psychic, she delivers information quickly.

So far Abrielle has more than 300 customer testimonials already. She got her first customer testimonial on September 17, 2008 from K., New York.

I was simply stunned with Abrielle’s accuracy and the specifics she provided about past times and dates that I had not mentioned. She was absolutely correct with regards to my line of work and about my relationships. I hope that her forthcoming predictions are as accurate. She is clear, connects quickly and will soon become a leading reader on this site and I recommend her strongly.

The featured testimonial for Psychic Abrielle is as below:

Abrielle has been so accurate for me, it’s ridiculous. Still, many phone calls to her later, I still roll my eyes a little, scratch my head, ask myself “Huh?” and/or shrug when she tells me something she gets for me or when she gives me a timeline only to have it happen just like she said. So, of course, the week of the 10th turned out to be, well, the week of the 10th. Go figure! Abrielle is humble, kind, patient, and definitely gifted.

Anonymous, February 24, 2011

Psychic Abrielle is one of both “staff pick” and “customer favorite” psychics at California Psychics. We believe that her gift and experience will definitely help people solve their problem on love, relationship, career or finance. If you want to have a reading with Psychic Abrielle, please visit CaliforniaPsychics.com.

psychic abigail at california psychics helps you find innner psychic

According to CaliforniaPsychics.com, Psychic Abigail is a certified Past Life Regressionist, she can delve deeply into past lives to find hidden answers. Her subjects are on love/relationships, career/work and destiny/life path. She doesn’t use tools, but can use Tarot and Crystals upon request. Her abilities include Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Empath. Her style is compassionate.

Abigail got her first customer testimonial from A.H., San Diego, September 24, 2007 at California Psychics:

Amazing and exactly correct! Once I was connected to Abigail I saw a sudden change in life. I was suddenly freed from anxiety. She is so good, and she gave me a whole lot more than what I asked for.

Her featured testimonial is from Ann, Virginia Beach, May 30, 2011:

I have had many readings with Abigail over the past 2 years. She will answer your questions as she sees it, with conviction, and great compassion. She knows the heart, she feels your pain, your need, your heart’s desire, and she is extremely accurate. She will never leave you hopeless, she sees a way of hope, another side to every situation. She brings light into the darkness. She is a blessing and I appreciate her so. Thank you Abigail!

So far Abigail has got about 300 customer testimonials since 2007, is one of customer favorite readers at California Psychics. To talk with Psychic Abigail, you can use their introductory offer: $1.00 a minute.

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