california psychics special offer $1 a minute.Some people may think is a scam or fraud, and some are trying to find California Psychics rip off or complaints´╗┐ reports. In fact, our California Psychics reviews have done the research for you.

It’s simple to find negative comments for any business on the Internet. We found about 15 reports mentioned California Psychics in Rip0ff Report and around 24 results in Complaints Board. However, we concluded that California Psychics is not a scam or fraud, but a trustful psychic network instead. We will explain why below.

First, California Psychics was established in 1995. In other words, they have offered psychic services much longer than most of their competitors. For example, was founded in 1999, 4 years later than California Psychics.

Second, only 2% of applicants to California Psychics can pass their psychic screening process and get hired eventually. Due to their strict screening, you can get genuine psychic reading from them.

Third, their psychic profiles are detailed, and you can see their psychics on video (via as well. You can also read tons of meaningful articles from their official blog by their psychics.

Forth, they are a BBB accredited member with very high rating: B+. There were only 6 complaints in the past 36 months.

california psychics BBB rating(Outlook Amusements is the company name of California Psychics )

Fifth, they offer $1.00 a minute special promotion for new customers to try their service at low or no risk, because they also guarantee your last reading, otherwise you get your money back. For details, you can visit their official website:

California Psychics review: promotion for new customers.In a word, as one of our Top 3 picks in the whole psychic reading world, California Psychic is awarded a 5 out of 5 stars rating: